(past event) EDITION 1.0 | Exhibition

AXS ART x Art Tours Berlin present:

AXS ART x Art Tours Berlin are pleased to announce EDITION 1.0.

 (21.6.19 - 23.6.19)


This weekend pop-up exhibition celebrates the launch of AXS ART, the new accessible online art platform and partner of Art Tours Berlin.

EDITION 1.0 showcases work by Berlin’s most promising emerging artists, specifically aimed at new art lovers and starting collectors. The idea behind the partnership between AXS ART and Art Tours Berlin is to open up the (Berlin) art scene and art market to these new audiences, who often feel alienated by the current art scene. The art world hasn’t fully adapted to the younger generation’s need for a new approach to experiencing and purchasing art in a way that’s fun, relaxed, (digitally) accessible, transparent and inclusive.

The all-female team behind AXS ART, Art Tours Berlin and EDITION 1.0 wants to change this, and aims to democratise the art scene by combining the digital and physical experience of art. AXS ART is the online art buying platform and advisory service making art collecting more accessible via e-commerce and social media, while Art Tours Berlin provides tangible art experiences that are social and informative. These art experiences include art tours, gallery and studio visits, as well as talks, panels, salons and art dinners. With a growing number of members, a true community of young creatives and regularly returning art aficionados from all industries has formed around Art Tours Berlin.

EDITION 1.0 shows artists from the AXS ART platform, as well as Berlin artists that have hosted Art Tours Berlin’s studio visits. The two platforms are the bridge between Berlin’s artists & art lovers,  between supply & demand, and have eliminated entry barriers experienced by both sides. Besides opening up Berlin’s art scene, the team aims to create a new generation of art collectors, focusing on the city’s new influx of international young professionals that could turn into lifelong art patrons to support Berlin’s art community.

EDITION 1.0 is the first edition of the recurring international pop-up exhibition, with editions planned in Amsterdam, Zurich and London. The weekend of 21 - 23 June will be filled with drinks, artist talks, panel discussions, art tours and performances, in order to stimulate discussion, and encourage cross-industry dialogue and community.

Participating artists
Lisette van Hoogenhuyze, Bettina Krieg, Susanne Bonowicz, Tomoko Mori, Beatriz Morales, Mariana Hahn, Valentyn Odnoviun, Mike Okay, Zdenek Konvalina, Miranda Holmes, Anna Slobodnik, Christian Perdix, Melanie & Stephanie Hausberger.

Curated by
Darya Aloufy


Friday 21.6

1.0 - EDITION 1.0 opening event! (6pm - 10pm)
Performance by Lili Nacht (8pm)
Music by | OM