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Give the Gift of Art!

The AXS ART Giftcard is ideal for a wedding-, birthday-, housewarming gift, or any other special occasion. Whether it's for the aspiring, enthusiastic, or advanced art collector, it's the perfect gift to help that person start or grow their art collection! 

Access art with the AXS ART giftcard!

choose your gift below:

Starting Art Collector

starting at € 50,- 

Cultivated Art Collector

starting at € 250,-


Experienced Art Collector

starting at € 1000,-

The AXS ART giftcard will be sent to you per email immediately after you purchase it. Email the giftcard to the recipient with a personalized message, or print it out and give it personally!
*The AXS ART giftcard can be used to purchase anything on our website. Redeem the entire amount on the gift card, or use part of it now and use the other part for your next purchase. If the price of an artwork is higher than your giftcard, it's also possible to buy the work with your giftcard in combination with other payment methods.